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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer School Jump Start is Over, Getting Ready for Real School!

Starting my WBT adventure during Summer School, Jump Start was awesome. I used Class-Yes and it was a total success. The classes responded very well, and it was great to just say "class" and then have their complete attention.  I used the scoreboard a little, but realized I will have to work harder when school starts to remember to give smileys and frownies more often.

I just finished watching the archived Web cast "State Test Prep", and I was blown away.  Such great information on how to practice and prepare for those dreaded State Tests. I recommend this web cast to any teacher that has to give tests. The Super Improver's Wall was so tied in with this practice of the state tests, that I am going to start my SIW right away.  I had been thinking of waiting awhile because trying everything at once can be overwhelming.  I can't wait to see my students' improvement on the the state tests this year.

Power on with WBT!

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