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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Can't Believe September is Almost Over!

It just can't be possible that we will be in October on Monday! I guess the old saying is true "Time flies when having fun", and in my WBT classroom we are having fun!

On Friday we started the writing game.  The 6th graders had a blast! My 7th and 8th grade were a little less enthusiastic, but it was a little easy for them as we started with the basic 'and' complexor.  I stressed that we were starting at the very beginning and they agreed that the game was better than worksheets.   They were happy, though when they tried to beat their record in creating oral sentences.

As a novice to WBT I am struggling with a few things.  The first is the Super Improver's Wall.  I just can't seem to give out enough stars to the students to get them excited about improving.  My classes are 48 minutes long and time just flies; when the students leave I realize I didn't give anyone any stars. At this rate no one will reach the highest level.  My students can't get excited about the wall and I don't blame them; I blame myself.  I re-watched the SIW web cast and made a list of things to watch for in my students.  If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

Another thing that I struggled with this week were talkers breaking rule #2.  I am wondering if it might be time to introduce 'Practice Cards'.  I know it is a long year and I was hoping to hold off on the cards until November.  I can use some advice on this subject too.

I do have successes though. One is the Class/Yes that I described in my last blog; another is the Teach/Ok.  I have used the Teach/Ok many, many times this year.  I have given several quizzes, which I give every year, and have had higher scores than ever before.  I know that students teaching students works!

That's it for this week!
Power On!

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  1. I agree that it is early, but if you feel like the students have reviewed the rule enough times and used the scoreboard to reinforce the rule, then I would implement your practice cards. Teaching 5 middle school classes a day, I issue lunch detentions to individual students to come down and practice/review the rule. It has been effective.