Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Year with Whole Brain Teaching

I have to say that the past school year was the best ever because of Whole Brain Teaching (WBT)!  The components that I used were, Class/Yes, Teach/Ok, Scoreboard, Power Pix, Coach B's pdf's, Red/Green Marker, Oral Writing, Super Improver's Wall and the 5 step lesson plan. It was a lot to start off with, but I feel I did a good job for my first year.  Of course there will be changes made again this coming school year, because as Coach B says in his book "grow or die". 

One of my goals for the next year is to change the Super Improver's Wall to Super Improver's Team.  I want to do a better job giving out improvement stars to the students.  To help me see the improvements students make I will have the students (with my help) choose goals they want to achieve. As each goal is met, students will add new goals.  I believe that writing down the goals will help both the student and myself stay on top of achievements. 

My second big goal is to change my Social Studies classes into WBT classes.  In these classes last year we read too much out of the book.  I want to implement micro-lectures and triple whammies writing for all the lessons we need to learn.  This will take a BIG time commitment on my part, but well worth the effort when my students retain what I teach. 

Lastly, my third goal is to make videos and work toward WBT certification. (enough said!) Oh, I should add that part of this goal is to keep up with this blog.  I let it go last year, but I will put up regular posts on my blog this school year. 

Don't forget everyone to pick up a copy of Whole Brain Teaching Challenging Kids at Amazon. After reading the best thing in today's education, join the book club too!

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